What’s New in Madden 23 Season 2

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Madden 23’s Season 2: Prime Time, a fall content roadmap that includes both Most Feared and Team Diamonds, is a tribute to Deion Sanders’ legacy, who invented the persona of “he” in the 1990s. The autumn content plan for Madden 23 includes this roadmap. With Prime Time gear drops, Legendary Strategy items, Team Of The Week selections by NBC Sports’ Matthew Berry, and an entirely new Season 2 Field Pass that includes new player rewards (Dalvin Cook, Bobby Wagner, and more), as well as a 94 OVR Deion Sanders All-Madden item, Season 2 of Madden NFL opens the door for more customization in Ultimate Team. A new Field Pass that features a 94 OVR Deion Sanders All-Madden item is also introduced in Season 2 of the game.

Deion Sanders, a two-time Super Bowl champion and former defensive player of the year in the NFL (1994), significantly influenced the outcome of the contest. Sanders won the Super Bowl as well. the gift he received as a memento for being chosen for the OVR. He now treasures the Everything-Madden Team from 1994 as a memento of all he has accomplished (1995, 1996). Everyone participating in the game benefits from having a man-to-man cornerback with a speed rating of 94 and an agility rating of 95, with the obvious exception of the opposing team’s wide receivers. Although it is challenging to accumulate 54 career interceptions, having a man-to-man cornerback with these numbers is advantageous.

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Field Pass Updates and Rewards Updates

A total of 140,000 coins, Elite Packs, Pro Gameday Packs, and theme team apparel like the Atlanta Falcons’ 1970 Home Uniforms and the New England Patriots’ Classic Alternates are among the more than 60 levels of incentives available with the Season 2 Field Pass. Additionally, by purchasing the Season 2 Field Pass, a new Champion can be unlocked (94 OVR Deion Sanders). The four rare player items can only be acquired before the Field Pass expires on Thursday, December 8th at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET. They include an 88 OVR Dalvin Cook, a 90 OVR Bobby Wagner, an 86 OVR Mike Edwards, and a 92 OVR Josh Allen with Fearless and Dashing Deadeye.

23 Season 2

The Most Feared’s Program Field Pass includes 30 levels of items, including three 86 OVR Monster BNDs that may be upgraded to 89 OVR via start goals and Monster Maker Objectives, 90,000 coins, and 175,000 Season XP. More of a scam than a gift, this pass is.

The major prize for the Halloween-themed Field Pass is a 90 OVR Fantasy Pack with Most Feared Heroes including Aidan Hutchinson, Deebo Samuel, Roquan Smith, Garrett Bolles, and Shaquill Griffin. This Field Pass will expire on Thursday, December 8 and be useless thereafter. The Field Pass will no longer function on Thursday, December 8th (RE).

The Most Feared LTDS Return

During the Spooky Season, the Most Feared program from this year will return to Madden 23 with a three-part series that features an exclusive Stephon Gilmore, 92 OVR LTD. There are also six 90 OVR Most Feared Heroes, including Derrick Henry, Harold Carmichael (WR), Julius Peppers, and Derwin James Jr., as well as four 92 OVR Most Feared Champions and four 92 OVR Most Feared Champions. Additionally, there is a new batch of 20 Golds and 20 Elites (SS).

Four new 86 OVR Monsters, Ezekiel Elliott (HB), Devin White (MLB), Rasul Douglas (CB), and Chase Claypool, are also prominently featured in the debut edition of Most Feared (WR). The Most Feared Field Pass, which is available for purchase, grants players free access to all four Monsters.

By fulfilling Monster Maker objectives, players may also get Monster Morph upgrades, which let each Monster to transform into a horrifying 89 OVR version. The four new Most Feared Monster ChemistriesGhoul, Gargoyle, Werewolf, and Vampire—could also be used to power the monster items. Each player is permitted to use one Head, Arms, Torso, or Lower Body Chemistry to increase critical stats like +1 BC Vision (HB), +1 Spin Move (WR), and +1 Jumping & Speed (CB).

For those who want to grind XP, there are new Hero and Champion Sets, Most Feared and Dreams Of Dread Challenges, as well as a Most Feared House Rule that lasts for two quarters and keeps X-Factors and Monster Morphs active. The 90 OVR Most Feared Hero Fantasy Pack is now part of the new House Rules, which also include the Most Feared Strategy Upgrade Item, which can be used to enhance Most Feared players’ non-H2H plans. There are three of these: Monstrous Might (+1 Strength), Towering Terror (+1 Height), and Scary Speed (+1 Running).


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