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Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a classical video game; It was originally created in 1991 by Sid Meier later on it got an expansion in 2009 and was relaunched. It is a strategy game where you lead a civilization from the stone-age to the modern space technology world. The game offers every aspect of human engagement on any planet. From Sid Meier’s original creation to Firaxis contributors the game has been to five major versions and numerous additions. Will Miller and David McDonough are two of the lead designers of the game. They stated 

When we were asked to design a new science-fiction entry in “Sid Meier’s Civilization” series, it was one of those amazing moments when we realized we were going to have the chance to combine a love of game design with a love of science and space exploration.

  • Storyline 
  • Gameplay
  • Conclusion


           The Storylines are quite different for each civilization, but there is not much difference. The game’s storyline motive is, 200 years have passed since humanity ventured into space. People developed spacecraft and buzzed away on other planets to colonize human life. The Storyline is quite simple. As I pinned before the story starts from the beginning of the world, so players set the events according to their choices. As there isn’t any history, the player chooses to set the history which is going to affect the future line as the story forwards. The battles that the player is going to win or defeat will become part of history. Inventions and most Life Events will become history. The creators of the game have designed the game on choices that integrate the story further. 


           The player leads the civilization to grow food, and gather things, for development. The player builds multifunctional buildings like headquarters, Research labs, and more. Other players attack other’s terrain, so the players need to build a strong and populated army to win battles. As you develop the research lab, players start developing the civilization reinforcement. The player unlocks terrains nearby as the population and level increase. There is a virtues board that player keeps looking at to understand to moralities of the civilization, there are 4 different disciplines;

  • Might- To strengthen combat ability.
  • Prosperity- Helps you to grow food and a colony.
  • Knowledge- It is developing science and culture.
  • Industry- Increases income and productivity.

Every player keeps developing them to increase their serviceability. There are quests to achieve by doing a different task. As the player is colonizing other planets, aliens pop up in icons and display in green color, if the player will them, they will start coloring orange or red as their behaviors, and as you unlock the terrains you come closer to aliens’ nests and if you unlock the tile where there’s their nest and you don’t kill them a couple of times, they will turn in light blue color which means they will not think you an enemy and will be your friends. While the player is building and dealing with other events in the colony, the player would have sent an explorer, in search of essential things, which unlocks other quests to achieve.


           Civilization: Beyond Earth is a concept if humanity has to exit from the earth and has to find a new unknown homeland, how most offing will be. The game lets us understand every perceptive that we have for our world, the experience of life, relations, necessities, the impact of history, our choices, the impact of innovation in a world, understand the quality of nature. In this immensely growing world, people have forgotten the real basic important need of human nature. People have left the perception of being honest just to accomplish their greed. Everyone has shown even a little dishonesty at any moment when there is their personal want. See the concept of keep making choices in-game, it is the mirror of that every human has a choice in every moment. It’s you who choose it and then meets the consequences. We have to respect the utility of nature that is blessed to us in this metropolitan world, we have ignored how much we have destructed nature. The game has been designed to care your everything that humankind deals with. So we should get the acknowledgment of every dealing ship to your surrounding world.  

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