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How many hours do you spend on average playing video games? This is true. Half of the people spend their time searching for fun on their phones or playing them. Searching and playing can take between 2-10 hours. 61.6 people use their smartphones every day. More than half of the population plays mobile games. Even children and seniors are now addicted to light games for entertainment.

What makes people addicted to games?

It isn’t easy to imagine a game people will want to play again and again. The design of the app is the most important thing. Partly it’s the design, and part is psychology. It is a challenging puzzle to solve in the human mind. That is why thousands of psychologists spend their time trying to understand it.

A specific classification determines how people become addicted to the game. Apps can be categorized based on how competitive they are for the highest score or completion of a mission. Between 6-15% of gamers are addicted to gaming. The world is changing.

It is not difficult to learn how to play some games. It’s because of its attractive design, excellent User Interface (UI), and animation that it is so popular.

So why is design so important?

Before we get to the answers, we want you to understand what game app design means. The design is when you create the final look of the game. The design also includes the last appearance of the app that users will see when they download it.

People only install an app after seeing the screenshots showing the design. If they are not satisfied with the design, they might uninstall it. This is your single most crucial motivation: creating apps with a great design. We have more reasons!

  • The field of mobile app design is quite different.
  • The design keeps the players interested and motivates them for further extensions.
  • Half of the revenue generated by the app goes to the plan. The other half goes to the actual game.

Game App Design Differences

Each game’s design is unique, but the processor on the smartphone plays an important part. Did you know that Android Google Play has more fun than Apple Store? Some of these are only available for one processor type.

Both require further app development. You will need slightly different skills to create a game app on Android than you do for Apple.

CodingSwift is the preferred programming language for iOS. Swift is easy to use and allows for almost human-like interaction. However, it crashes all the time.
Java is the most common language used for Android applications. Although it is the most popular programming language, it has lower security.
Integrated development environmentXcode can be used for devices that run on iOSAndroidStudio can be used to develop game apps
Design and styleIt is minimalistic and simple.They are completely opposite to Apple. They like the extravagant, but still have a natural look.

Three Tips for Creating the Best Game Design Application

How to create a mobile game application?

We will share tips and tricks to help you create a captivating game. No one will forget this game. These tips were provided by professionals who have experience. To create a comprehensive plan, we also considered customer feedback.

1: Save on design costs by testing at each stage of development

The process of developing an application goes through several stages. To avoid making mistakes, testing each step of the application development process is crucial. This testing method does not need to start over when you try it at the last stage. This will allow you to save thousands by making significant changes after creating the final template.

We understand it is not easy to ask, “How much does it cost for a game app to be designed?”. Simple designs start at 3000 U.S. Dollars, while 3D games like Grand Theft Auto can cost 250-300k U.S. Dollars. This includes design and development. A 2d game can cost between 30-50k U.S. Dollars. The method usually accounts for half of the cost. It all depends on the complexity of the processor and other factors.

It’s better to wait for the app to process than rush to market with poor design. During testing, you can evaluate whether the colour scheme is better before or after. Or if the text looks too small.

To identify flaws in a design, you can also use tools such as Smartbear BitBar. You can use it to evaluate your design from a gamer’s perspective. It is important to remember that each user is unique, and having multiple options is a good idea.

People like to choose from many options, and they love to be able to select the best. You can always add more missions to the list if you cannot complete a task. There are many benefits to testing again and again:

  • After all your hard work, your app will be flawless in design.
  • Gamers will be eagerly awaiting the second part of the game.
  • Even though it takes longer, the method will yield higher profits.
  • You get feedback from the players who have tested the prototype.
  • The market gets an app that has been tested and is now ready for millions of people to use without any bugs.

2: Pay attention to detail as it is an essential aspect of design

The overall appearance of a game app is often what people focus on. It is essential to pay attention to the details. If your game features shark-eating people, ensure that the graphics are equal for the shark and the humans.

Software developers make the biggest mistake: they forget to include minor details, such as the characters on the streets, the plants in the water, and the sky detail. These details are essential for creating a stunning graphic design.

Other essential points to remember are:

  • A detailed design can make your player’s day. They look great and are very addictive.
  • Keeping the design simple is critical, so players don’t get lost. A mess could be created if there are too many tabs.
  • The apps that became well-known have detailed descriptions of every item on the screen.
  • Don’t make it difficult for users to sign up for too many accounts. They want to play and not waste their time.

3: Focus on appearance. It must be catchy.

The most important moments are those that last a few minutes. Users don’t have the time or patience to play all of the games. They want to decide if it is worth their time and effort. The app’s design keeps them coming back, even if it has a great concept.

You want the player to think, “Wow, this is amazing!” What is the design like? A critical factor in keeping players engaged is the audio-visual design.

People don’t want to think but want to feel, see, and hear. This is what you should provide. Gaming needs a great visual appearance, with less text and clear audio.

Here are some other key points:

  • Avoid having too many tabs in the app before you start the actual app. It may irritate users.
  • Ask for all information and permissions within one or two checks.
  • People don’t want to share too much information. Therefore, it is better to create games that require less information.
  • Pay attention to every aspect of UI/UX, and don’t forget about vibrant colour schemes.

These tips will help you focus on the key characteristics that you need to offer your users. You should also research the design of other apps and check out their competitors before you start creating your app. Let’s take a look at some examples!

Three Examples of Game App Designs

It is not enough to know what is essential. It is important to feel the games. It would help if you saw the gamer’s perspective.

View. Look for the positive and negative points.

  • You can improve something if you feel it.
  • Don’t forget to include details and discover why these games are the best functional apps.
  • Angry Birds 2 is one of the most popular free games. It is a fun game with a transparent colour scheme and motivational messages for gamers.
  • It is impressive how the levels were laid out, and the gift and offer options are simply incredible.
  • It is easy to use and simple in design.

It is addictive to complete a level and move on to the next. There seem to be infinite levels, and there is always competition between players. We were also impressed by the attention to detail in every aspect of this app.

  • Asphalt 8 – Airborne

This game is excellent! It perfectly combines visual appeal, audio quality, and speed. The adrenaline rush of winning a race is unmatched, and people are eager to get more.

The feeling is the same, regardless of whether it’s an online actual race or online game. The problem is that the game is challenging to win, discouraging gamers.

  • Mortal Kombat

This game is everything you need in a mobile game application design. It is perfect in terms of design and animation. The idea is straightforward: kill your opponent to win.

Although it is perfect, it could be even better. It is great fun to play with friends, but it can also be addictive when you play alone. It isn’t easy to win sometimes because the computer plays exceptionally well.


These are the key ingredients to creating the best game apps. Everyone has different requirements, so pre-development research is crucial. It is time to make a game people will remember for years, such as Mario’s simple yet stunning design.

With these additional tips, we hope you have found the answer to your question about. How do I design a game app? Fire. Studio can help you design your game app. We are also happy to assist you in creating the app.

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