5 Important Web Design Practices and Tips for Small Business Websites

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You may think you’re building a following with Facebook ( if you’re purchasing fans on Facebook via advertising, you’re probably spending your money) and sharing tiny pieces of content on Twitter and uploading images to Social Media. If you don’t have an online home that is central you’re scattering your efforts and wasting an chance to communicate with your clients and potential customers via an exclusive website.

In the end, your clients eventually want to know more about the products and services. A dedicated website can help them in this regard.

Today, we’ll cover web design top practices and suggestions.

We’ll provide you with great examples and sources and will also discuss recent developments in the field of web design. If you already have a website , but are thinking about a redesign It’s a good idea to begin by re-designing your homepage.

Some business owners are concerned about the price of designing a website could be too expensive.

It’s true that a lot of design agencies and design firms offer hundreds of dollars to provide their services. But that’s not the case everywhere (crowd spring’s custom website design projects start at $899, which includes the cost of all fees).

These are the top 05 suggestions to help you build an amazing web design.

1. Make sure the design is simple clean, unique, and modern.

Your website is a reflection of your brand. It’s the first impression that a user gets.

If you choose to use an off-the-shelf template , and your website appears similar to hundreds of similar websites on the Internet and you’re missing the chance to make a distinctive impression.

What is the reason a prospective customer would be able to remember your website after having visited dozens of websites which look exactly like yours.

In the last couple of months we’ve heard from a variety of entrepreneurs who had initially designed their websites by using one of the available templates for websites.

As their businesses grow the business owners have realized that they must distinguish themselves from the competition. The standard websites no longer provide the features they require.

This isn’t surprising.

The homepage is often the most crucial page on the internet for businesses. Your prospective customers are likely to be first to see the homepage whenever they visit your website.

Furthermore, as the majority of startup and small-business sites contain less than a dozen pages in total and the homepage is an essential anchor for your entire site. It needs to answer many important questions , such as your name and the things you do.

Template sites can’t accomplish this task properly.

A few of the templates are attractive, however practically, they’re lacking the elements that help make websites useful and informative for prospective customers.

Take note of the impression you would like to create and the message you intend to convey to your potential and current customers.

As you consider your site design, be sure you have a professional logo design.

A logo made from clip-art or templates won’t be distinctive and give a negative impression. In addition, it could expose you to a significant legal risks.

A few entrepreneurs invest money in a fresh websites, but do not design a unique logo (or to change their existing clip-art-based logo). This is an opportunity missed.

If you are considering what content you want to display on your homepage, bear an important point in your mind: the average user read just about 28% of text in the course of a typical visit.

Do not overburden your website with lots of images and text.

Think about the most important content and images you would like your visitors to see, and remove the rest. Many people mistakenly include too much information on their homepages. This results in confusion and a an unsatisfactory user experience. Don’t add more, just less.

Also, consider that your users may be using mobile phones or laptops Try to not design pages for an enormous screen size or pages with intricate features or complicated navigation.

Tips:You can implement modern designs to keep your website looking modern. For instance, flat-style design has gained a lot of popularity. If you’ve tried iOS 7 and later versions of iOS on an iPhone or iPad and Windows 8, you’ve seen flat designs firsthand. Flat design removes shadows and gradients, which makes the fonts and images smaller, and more readable. Other design trends for 2016 comprise simple animations (including cinema graphs which are live animated videos and images) and larger illustrations, larger images, more scrolling, and larger fonts. To learn more about the 2016 trends in design I would suggest reading the top trends in web design for 2016..

If you want a more sophisticated style for a more sophisticated look, think about drawings.

Advanced Tips 1. When you’ve created your homepage, you’ll be able to perform very basic tests to determine what colors, buttons and content pieces get many clicks. At the end of the day, marketing is as much an art and an art. For more information on Testing A/B, I would suggest that you go through 7 A/B tests that are simple and easy to run. That You Should Test on Your Home Page.

Advanced tip 2. It is particularly important to include a call-to-action button on your home page however, you can also use it on other pages that you’re trying to convince the user to take action, think about what actions you would like the user to take , and then design an appealing call-to-action button. For ideas on how to create effective and creative actions, recommend that you read 05 Strategies for an Effective “Call To Action’. It is recommended to use minimal texture and subtle gradients in the appropriate places, to emphasize distinct areas on the website.

The call-to-action (CTA) in your home page is an an essential aspect to draw people to your website.

It is important to consider the following factors when creating your CTA that include: (a) location (above the fold and visible on the screen at the time that your page loads is generally the best), (b) make sure that the CTA is distinct from other content on your website (notice that the CrowdSPRING “START A PROJECT” CTA is pink? ), (c) create an external link so that your call-to- action can draw the viewer to your website more deeply, (d) create a more subtle alternative (notice that the “How it works” link beneath the main CTA of crowdSPRING, (e) and test layout the content, layout, and design.

Answer five questions, and we’ll provide an individual report that provides practical insights and specific steps that you could take in order to help build an even stronger brand.

2. Display your products and services.

You’re selling a service or product. Be sure to clearly display the products or services on the homepage. I’ve seen numerous small websites for businesses that fail to clearly display their services or products, and many others who tried to show too many services or products on one webpage.

There are only two seconds to make your first impression and you need to ensure that your impression is professional.

If you’re selling items and customers purchase on the internet, you must ensure that your images of the product – also known as graphic images and descriptions are crisp, clean and suitable. You may have a beautiful web layout, but if the images of your products look shoddy prospects will consider not buying your items. Take a look at how the most popular online stores showcase their items (Amazon, Apple, Zappos are all examples).

If your service or product is based on the web, you might want to consider using pictures of computers or phones and embed your showcase pictures in the images. This will let people know the way they’ll interact with your service or product.

For examples of good startup websites that present the same item or product, I suggest that you go through How to Design Startup websites.

Tips: Don’t overload your site with graphics or photos. While it’s said that images can communicate more than a thousand words, images can also deceive and distract attention. Choose a few great photos of the products on your homepage. You can also feature your other products on the interior pages.

3. Pay Attention To Site Load Times.

People are impatient when they browse websites, and long loading times affect conversions (getting people to purchase the products and services you offer).

If your website’s layout is graphically complex it is essential to ensure that you have the infrastructure and bandwidth to accommodate the design.

This is crucial in the case of an extensive customer base and anticipate significant visitors to your website.

Improve your website’s load time by selecting a good hosting providers.

Be aware that the most affordable monthly hosting service usually does not provide the greatest value. Although it may be affordable, it will likely be unresponsive and slow.

Tips: want to compare the speed at which two websites load compared to one other? Here’s a tool for free that you can utilize.

4. Create a website that is easy to access.

Think about how those with specific disabilities (such for color blindness) could learn more the benefits of your product or service when they visit your website.

Consider how those with less internet access will see your site. This is crucial for small companies, and small, rural ones catering to local customers. Accessibility is among the most effective methods to promote your business to these customers.

Tips: Keep the web design and navigation consistent across the website. Do not create different designs for the different pages on your website. Each page should have an identical layout and style. This is among the most frequent reasons for business owners might consider redesigning their websites for the year 2016.

5. Create a system for your website that will provide an improved user experience.

Search engines prefer sites that are well-organized.

People also like a well-organized workplace.

Remember that when potential clients visit your website they’re usually looking for specific details. They’re unlikely to read the entire page, they’ll glance at headlines, scan small sections of text, and then take a look at images or illustrations (but not all in the exact same place).

A site that is properly organized and offers information in an orderly and organized manner will have a greater chance of success than one that looks chaotic.

Tips: Use bold, easy-to-read fonts as well as bullets to convey important details or to emphasize points you want readers to take note of.

Use text color to emphasize the most important points however, try to limit the use of colors and fonts to a minimal. You should emphasize, not be confusing.

Be aware that a majority of people won’t read information if the title that precedes the content isn’t appealing to them , so don’t overlook great headlines (more on this in the tip 6 section below).

Advanced Tips: action buttons/links should be unambiguous and clear. For instance, “Save” is not the same as “Submit.” Consider a user’s expectations when they click on a button or link and make sure your labels are clear and meet the expectations. When you can, make sure your copy contains complete sentences and not fragmented phrases or words. To learn more about efficient CTAs I would suggest that you go through the following article.

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