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iOS is a viral operating system for smartphones. It also hosts a multitude of thrilling gaming titles. You should check out the 2022 releases if you haven’t.

Tomb Raider Reloaded

Tomb Raider is a well-known icon in gaming history. Lara Croft is often seen in movies, comics, and board games. Unibet also offers a slot called Lara Croft Temples and Tombs.

What does Lara store in iOS’ Tomb Raider Reloaded for us? This action-adventure mobile title will require you to navigate through ancient tombs filled with traps, monsters and other dangers that could destroy Lara. This game is more arcade-like than a traditional Tomb Raider title. You’ll also learn new skills and gear. You will need to master Lara’s twin pistols to blast through the onslaught of monsters coming at you.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever, an innovative take on the classic arcade platformer recipe, will be released to mobile devices in 2022. It plays the same as the original, but there are some notable gameplay changes that players can explore.

The most obvious is the ability to transform the game into an automatic runner. Although you are limited in your control options, this allows you to control still the time when you jump. This makes the game perfect for iOS’s touchscreen controls.

Yu-Gi-Oh | Master Duel

Would you like to revive some ancient Egyptian monsters and battle them against your opponents in a card game duel? You can customize your deck to your specifications. This game will test your intelligence by allowing you to use a trap, spell, or monster card to defeat your opponent. There are over 10,000 cards to choose from, each with its effects and stats.

It would be a disappointment if the animations weren’t smooth and dynamic. No problem if you wish to play against someone playing on another device. YGO Master Duel supports cross-play. And if you’re more of a solo player than someone who’s multiplayer-oriented, there’s a story mode to explore full of dramatic events and cliffhangers.

You’ll get in-game currency as you make progress. This can be used to buy more packs or expand your card collection, and build unique new decks.

Diablo Immortal

The hack n’ slash dungeon crawler everyone loves is coming to iOS. You can choose your class to cut your way through the hordes of enemies. You can gain experience as you level up and choose from various skill-tree options.

This allows you to customize how your character develops. The only problem with the game is its need for an internet connection.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy | The Definitive Edition

The sandbox series is a classic. The iOS bundle includes a wholly remastered version:

  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas

These classic titles are given a new lease of life with several gameplay and visual improvements. They all feel like GTA games.

There are all the traditional elements such as car-jacking and bank robberies. and It also has an engaging story that allows you to see the criminal underground. The controls have been optimized for iOS to run as smoothly as butter.


You won’t get bored with a wide selection of AAA game titles. Pick your favourite, and let the gaming begin!

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