Play Pacman 30th Anniversary Doodle Game

On May 22, 1980 a Japanese arcade game manufacturer presented the concept to create a game that appeal females to play the game. Iwatani Tohru, the game’s lead creator, wanted to make a game that did not priorities violence. Iwatani felt that it’s only possible by paying close attention to themes, design, and colors, Namco could promote an arcade game that would appeal females. The concept of game was based on food and eating rather than shooting and fighting aliens or enemies. That was common in most arcade games of that time. The game become popular in short span of time and company allotted licenses to many other game providers oversee; by October of the same year, it was also available in the US. A yellow pie-shaped character that moves through a maze aiming to eat all dots while dodging four ghost. Pac-Man is still one of the most played video games of all time, and several books and scholarly articles have been written about its unique design that inspired females to play this game.

Play Pacman Game (Pacman Google Doodle) 30th Anniversary for all Gamers

In this competitive era, the game has survived numerus upgrades and redesigns and has ruled the hearts of users for the past three decades. This game has successfully broken the boundary of gender and age as people of all ages and gender can play this game. It is easy to understand how game works and contains zero violence stuff to inspire females to play the game. The good news for the Pacman fans is that the unique, updated, and exciting remake of the game is on its way and will be soon available as a free update to all gamers. In tribute to this game Google launched the Doodle Game it became popular as Pacman 30th Anniversary Google Doodle among the all Gamers.

Top 5 Winning Strategies to dominate Pacman leadership board.

Our players have tested and experienced these strategies, and the results are guaranteed.

  1. Eat the pellets located just above the regeneration box. When a ghost is eaten, he goes to the regeneration box. You head towards those dots that are above the regeneration box.
  2. Find the maze’s secret hiding spot. Use that spot as advantage over AI ghosts. Blow the regeneration box you will find the T-shaped box that is most unseen and secure place to hide.
  3. Hesitate to lure the ghosts towards you. When you come near to power pallet (dot) ghost start running away from you so don’t eat it at that time make them lure to run towards you, so when they come near to you get that pallet and eat all the ghosts.
  4. Eat energizers when minimum 3 ghosts are behind you. Don’t waste energizers, ensure you eat maximum ghost following you. This is the best strategy to win Pacman game.
  5. Make sure your focus is on eating dots not ghosts. Don’t go for revenge when you can win the game. Use the power pallets to eat max dots.

Easiest way to play Pacman Game on Chrome

If you wish to play Pac-Man Game or PacMan 30th Anniversary Doodle , visit make sure you understand how the game works.
Here’s everything you need to know to start playing Play Pac-Man on its 30th Anniversary:
• To start open Google Chrome browser and type “Pacman” into the search box.
• Then take a look at today’s Google Doodle.
• Then, you must press the Play button.
• Finally, the Pacman game celebrating his 30th anniversary will allow players to start playing.
• Despite the fact that you’re using a mobile device, the procedures remain the same.

Difference in Pacman Doodle and Pacman Original

There is no quite much difference between both of them. Although the Pacman doodle is unique in that it is never seen in the original version of the game. To control the character in Pacman Doodle on a desktop, use the arrow keys, while mobile users can use swipe gestures.


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